As the next generation begins to enroll in and then graduate from college, more and more educated youngfolk will be wanting to enter the workforce, but have no idea how. 

This is the generation where everyone got a ribbon for playing in the tournament, even if your team didn’t win. Though the article in the link above says that millennials are entitled and cannot figure out why jobs aren’t being handed to them. I disagree. It’s not that millennials feel entitled. Millennials are just confused. They don’t know how to find a job, because their older family and friends with careers most likely got them early on out of college and did not have to hunt for a job. The economic downturn can only be brought up so many times, but the truth is  that it’s harder for inexperienced workers to find jobs. Even larger companies who in the past had taken on freshly-graduated recruits may not, because they want a high ROI from their employees.

Millennials can work hard and be successful if given opportunities. They may need some prodding in the right direction to find those opportunities, but when they finally get there, it’s a glorious day for all. 


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