Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Logix Guru’s CEO has been in the technology field for years and has seen many trends come and go. He wrote an article about a new trend that will only become more pervasive in the modern workplace, Enterprise Mobility.  This is the set of solutions that a company takes to ensure that their employees can be connected at all times. Click on the link above to read the full article!

In the past, enterprise mobility has often involved giving employees a phone that was monitored by the company to ensure that it was being used for professional reasons. 

More recently, many companies have begun the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. These types of programs offer the employee more control over how they choose to access company information. As stated in the article, these BYOD programs can increase employee engagement, productivity, collaboration, and cost savings. These are all excellent ways to expand your company and increase the positivity of your corporate culture. 

Logix Guru offers enterprise mobile application development and solutions consulting to determine how these new business practices can help your company. Email ajmani@logixguru.com if you would like to learn more.



How Software Testing Helps

How Software Testing Helps

Logix Guru is a Renaissance company. Like the more commonly used phrase Renaissance man, we have experience and can do a lot of different things well. Though a Renaissance man may be skilled at both painting landscapes and playing the mandolin, we at Logix Guru are skilled in different technical aspects. We can find the right candidate for an open IT position (and love to do it). We can also provide valuable software testing services to your company that will prove highly beneficial in the long run. 

The article that can be accessed by the link above discusses the value of software testing from an IT professional’s point of view. Hiring professional testers to test out your software saves you time and money later down the road when you have to fix the software immediately because it was not compatible with another system. Instead of fixing it at the beginning of the process, it must be fixed after the process has ended to save your reputation. 

Basically, when developing software, it’s crucial to test it before it can be launched to the client or to the public. It’s even better to bring in outside testers because they’re not biased. They can’t be. They want to get the job done and make sure the new software good to go. 

TL;DR: Software testing is a great and necessary part of the SDLC. 

Flexible Delivery Model


One of the special features of Logix Guru is our flexible delivery model. We can offer all services on site, offshore, or a combination. On site testing would have the testers working in your office, under your watch. We can also provide testing done solely offshore, which can be a more cost effective solution than onsite testing. Finally, we can offer a combination of the two, meaning you would have testers on site making sure the application will launch flawlessly, as well as a dedicated team abroad.

If you’re going to test your application before you let it launch, the most proactive method, we are one of the best companies to help you. We can make sure your testing gets done the way you would like it done, whether it’s onsite, overseas, or a combination.

QA Challenge: Defeated

QA Challenge: Defeated

Communication is a key element to all aspects of life, both at home and at work. In our field of IT consulting, communication is especially important, because if not everyone understands what needs to be done and how to do it, it could ruin the entire project. It’s also extra important because we work with partners in India in order to use the most effective tools for the best rates, so communicating with them what needs to be done is necessary and must be done well.

This is how Logix Guru is different. We have a  methodology that  has been proven successful over our 13 years in the industry. Because of our partnership with Indium, an India based quality assurance company, we are able to ensure that the necessary QA work is done correctly and efficiently.

Basically, we can offer you a great value for any quality assurance or software testing work that you need done. There’s really nothing else more I could say, is there?

Happy Summer!

Happy summer everyone! For all of those who have just graduated, congratulations! Welcome to the real world! It’s a fun place. 

At Logix Guru we are always looking for IT consultants to place with our clients that understand and can work with many different software applications, including Oracle, SAP, and Java. If you have experience with these or other similar types of applications, send your resume to resume@logixguru.com. If there are any open positions that fit your skill set, you will be hearing from one of our recruiters. 

Have a great summer!