Pittsburgh is Still the Place to Be

Pittsburgh is Still the Place to Be

I have mentioned in previous blog posts how Pittsburgh is one of the most up and coming places in the technology field. The city is filled with innovators and entrepreneurs and their new developments are attracting out of state investors and helping our city grow. Audrey Russo, CEO and President of the Pittsburgh Technology Council has helped Pittsburgh’s name recognition increase in the national tech marketplace.

At Logix Guru, we strongly believe in Pittsburgh’s technology growth, that’s why we’ve been in the area since the beginning of the new millennium. We work with some of the area’s most innovative firms. We can develop and fine tune products to help our clients succeed-that’s our mission. We can test the software being developed at every step of the design process to make sure that what is being given to clients is bug free and runs like a dream.

Let Logix Guru help your company grow. Call 724-733-4500 to speak with someone about how we can help you or email ajmani@logixguru.com. Let us help your company succeed. We come from a city of innovation and we would love to bring our innovative solutions to you. 


Advice from a Trump

Advice from a Trump

The Trumps are amazing at what they do. Their name is probably next to the Webster definition of wealth, as it should be. Donald took his father’s already successful company and made it into the household name that it has become. 

His daughter, Ivanka, could have lived the easy life, and in certain aspects, she most likely did. She was born into a privileged family, but did not let that determine her career path. The link above shares some advice that Ivanka has for female entrepreneurs, but they apply to anyone in the business world. 

The one that resonated most with me as I was reading the article was #3, know the value of hard work. This section mentions that she appreciated the work that the contestants on The Apprentice did. From a viewer’s standpoint, it may look as if the judges are unimpressed because they are very calm, cool, and collected, but they realize the work that each person put into the project and how taxing it was. 

Ivanka Trump knows her stuff. Whether it was watching her father display his real estate prowess or learning it through experiences of her own, she has great bits of wisdom to share with the rest of the world.