Pittsburgh is Still the Place to Be

Pittsburgh is Still the Place to Be

I have mentioned in previous blog posts how Pittsburgh is one of the most up and coming places in the technology field. The city is filled with innovators and entrepreneurs and their new developments are attracting out of state investors and helping our city grow. Audrey Russo, CEO and President of the Pittsburgh Technology Council has helped Pittsburgh’s name recognition increase in the national tech marketplace.

At Logix Guru, we strongly believe in Pittsburgh’s technology growth, that’s why we’ve been in the area since the beginning of the new millennium. We work with some of the area’s most innovative firms. We can develop and fine tune products to help our clients succeed-that’s our mission. We can test the software being developed at every step of the design process to make sure that what is being given to clients is bug free and runs like a dream.

Let Logix Guru help your company grow. Call 724-733-4500 to speak with someone about how we can help you or email ajmani@logixguru.com. Let us help your company succeed. We come from a city of innovation and we would love to bring our innovative solutions to you. 


A Mistake Turned Icon

A Mistake Turned Icon

The link above takes the reader to an article in which Bill Gates said that the now classic Control-Alt-Delete combination was a mistake. There could have been a single button for us to press for all these years when our computers have stopped functioning, but the keyboard designers did not stick to Gates’s vision. Even though not part of the master plan, this combination of keys is used by millions of users daily to log on, log off, or fix their computers.

This mistake-turned-legend further proves that just because something seems wrong at first does not mean it will forever be seen that way. Although Ctrl-Alt-Del was not in Gates’s grand vision, it wormed its way into every computer user’s vocabulary and has in no way damaged the reputation of Windows. 

In short, something that strays from your grand plan early on does not mean your professional life is doomed. As long as you’re willing to go and adapt with the changing times, few things can hurt you. Being willing to take small mistakes or hiccups in stride can alleviate much stress later on.

The New Place for Technology

The New Place for Technology

Though this article is not the most recent, I stumbled across it while looking at different technology articles online. Facebook recently purchased Mobile Technologies, a Pittsburgh based company run by a CMU professor, and specifically mentioned in the article is the Jibbigo speech translation app. Facebook is always trying to stay ahead of the trends by predicting what its users will need and Jibbigo may be it. In the near future we may be seeing a new Facebook app using Jibbigo’s technology. 

This further proves that Pittsburgh is becoming a city known for more than steel. Though we’re proud of our roots, there is more to this great city besides manufacturing. Because of all of the universities in town, many of the graduates stay in the city and develop their own companies with the connections and resources that they acquired during their undergraduate years. Or like with the company mentioned in the article, professors are even carving out time in their busy schedules to start their own firms.

Entrepreneurship is a valued trait here in Pittsburgh, where the people are known for working hard and staying loyal (this is for all the Buccos fans- we finally did it!). Once we believe in a project, there’s no hope of getting us to quit.

Logix Guru, a Pittsburgh based company, is the exact same. We work hard to deliver the best possible results to our clients and we will not stop until we succeed. Need help with finding an IT professional for your business or need help with developing software solutions or software testing? Give us a call at 724-733-4500 to learn more about how we can help you.

Think about you…

Think about your own mistake rather than blame on other’s faults.

This sage piece of advice was brought to my attention via fortune cookie. It is wise for anyone to follow in any walk of life or in any profession, but it seemed to especially apply to recruiting for me (I guess I have it on the brain). 

If you are a candidate that is looking for a position, chances are you left your last one by choice. Whether it was a positive or negative reason for leaving, when moving on to your next position, you have to remember that you cannot blame the others for what went wrong. They may not have helped the situation, but it is always important to take a step back and evaluate yourself also. See what you did right, and what you did wrong, and how you can improve upon it for your next position. This helps perfectly with the classic interview question, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Providing a trait and a concrete example of how it hindered you, and how you are now planning to overcome it, shows the potential employer that you are coach-able, willing to learn, and always willing to improve. 

Basically, fortune cookie advice, however generic it may seem, can be applied to most everything. And it should be. If you can’t trust advice from a cookie, whose can you trust?

Just some food for thought. (I was apologizing for that pun as I wrote it.)

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

Logix Guru is all about placing professionals with the right company. Whether you are looking for a job or looking for a consultant, we are dedicated to placing the right people with the right companies. 

If you are looking for a job, it is important to be honest about what your strengths and weaknesses are. For example, if you do not know a particular system, don’t admit to knowing it! If you do know a system that’s related, talk that up. Be willing to learn, but also be willing to admit where you have weaknesses. Everyone appreciate an honest person, and this goes even further when applying for jobs. 

Flexible Delivery Model


One of the special features of Logix Guru is our flexible delivery model. We can offer all services on site, offshore, or a combination. On site testing would have the testers working in your office, under your watch. We can also provide testing done solely offshore, which can be a more cost effective solution than onsite testing. Finally, we can offer a combination of the two, meaning you would have testers on site making sure the application will launch flawlessly, as well as a dedicated team abroad.

If you’re going to test your application before you let it launch, the most proactive method, we are one of the best companies to help you. We can make sure your testing gets done the way you would like it done, whether it’s onsite, overseas, or a combination.