Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Logix Guru’s CEO has been in the technology field for years and has seen many trends come and go. He wrote an article about a new trend that will only become more pervasive in the modern workplace, Enterprise Mobility.  This is the set of solutions that a company takes to ensure that their employees can be connected at all times. Click on the link above to read the full article!

In the past, enterprise mobility has often involved giving employees a phone that was monitored by the company to ensure that it was being used for professional reasons. 

More recently, many companies have begun the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. These types of programs offer the employee more control over how they choose to access company information. As stated in the article, these BYOD programs can increase employee engagement, productivity, collaboration, and cost savings. These are all excellent ways to expand your company and increase the positivity of your corporate culture. 

Logix Guru offers enterprise mobile application development and solutions consulting to determine how these new business practices can help your company. Email ajmani@logixguru.com if you would like to learn more.



Think Positive

Think Positive

I read an article this morning (link above) about how your own “stinkin’ thinkin'” could be the main deterrent in someone not getting a job. After I chuckled for a few minutes about the beauty of the phrase “stinkin’ thinkin'” I realized that this is so right, it’s common sense and therefore not mentioned often. Experts suggest having a positive attitude during the job search process, but that can be difficult when the positions available in your industry are looking for a different skill set or, well, something else you don’t have. 

The article talks about John, an older man who worked his way up to the executive level, despite not having a degree. He decided to switch careers and was continuing to interview for executive level jobs in an industry in which he had no experience. Now, many of us would not have the guts to do that, but this man had enough self-confidence that he applied for these positions, got the interviews, and then aced the interviews. He aced them. This guy has no experience in that industry, no degree, and he still rocked it out. How is this possible? Because he thought he could do it, so he did. 

This is (well kind of) like the little engine that could. No one thought he could make it up that hill, but he did. Outsiders to John’s situation (definitely me, maybe others) would never have thought he would be able to get an interview for an executive position with no industry experience, but he did. 

So if a job looks interesting, go for it. It may not seem like the perfect fit on paper, but who knows what will happen in practice? It’s impossible to predict, so just keep on thinking that you can and just apply. 

TL;DR: apply for jobs that look interesting, even if you don’t think you’re good enough. You are. Just be confident